What is time?

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Our human CONCEPT OF TIME is derived from the REALITY of MOTION*

As soon as we open our eyes, after birth, we see light and darkness; later when we learn how to speak we are taught that these light/dark cycles are days, which as every adult knows, are due to the spinning motion of earth.
A little later, yet still not knowing about earth's motion, we are now taught that a day is a time, which is divided in 24 equal times called hours.

A bit older we become aware of the seasons, and years, which as every adult knows, are coincidental to earth's revolution around the sun and in spite of the fact that this new motion has nothing to do with earth's spin we are nevertheless taught that seasons, and years are also times. For the purist, Earth spins around an axle which is tilted with respect to the plane of its revolution around the sun, and the combination of these 2 factors makes the seasons.
Even though days and years are the effects of 2 non coincidental motion-phenomenon, we're taught to call them with the same word time, and that leads us naturally toward thinking there is only one time that links various motions.

Then we're also taught our own body is growing in time, in spite of the fact that the biological process of duplication of cells behind our growth has nothing to do with the rotational motion of earth on itself let alone with the motion of earth around the sun!

The word time, in effect gets engraved within our young minds way before we have any chance to realize it embodies a bunch of various yet distinct physical phenomenon. Better (or worse?) yet, time becomes a concept de facto as solid as rock in our minds.
Because it transcends all these various physical phenomenon and more, the concept (no longer merely a word) of time while extremely convenient is also highly rewarding scientifically.
In the end, our idea of time is there to stay! And then our concept of time is taken for granted in science.
And science goes even farther than us laypersons, as the reality of motion has been abolished for good in science! In relativity, motion is relative that is elusive; in the quantum theory, 4 forces are in force, motion is but an ephemeral by-product of these forces.
The fact of the matter is that it takes some work of the mind, which involves real electrical and chemical phenomenon within our head, rather than some time, to realize how artificial or abstract is our language with respect to reality...

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Click here though for other examples of natural phenomenon that are traditionally identified to time .

To summarize this first section:
To start with, when we were child we did not know about the reality of motion.
Because our imagination has been fed the idea of time, we ended up ignoring motion and we are now imagining time is real!
Because to start with we could not imagine reality, our imagination built its own interpretation of reality!
Worse, science emphasizing time while minimizing motion comes and reinforces this misinterpretation of reality.

In science physics, TIME ends up being a big question mark

Richard Feynman, a renown physicist, said " Time is what continues when everything else stops."
As an example the hands of the above clock can stop, we nevertheless think that time goes on.
Please asks yourself this question: Whereas the clock gives the time when it runs, why does it no longer give the time when it stops?
And I am asking you this question: Is that not puzzling?
In physics time runs behind or independently of anything that occurs in the universe.
Lets face it, in physics time is not part of the physical universe not even part of the clock!
Clearly the belief in physics is that time does not exist in the physical universe!

Worse Einstein relativity is proof that time doen't exist! Click:

The scientific proof that time doesn't exist!

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* Note:
In bold are events occuring outside our human brains, that are events which for sure occur in reality.
In italics and beige are interpretations of events by our human brains, and as such might be artificial and might have no collateral in reality.
Please forgive, when awkward, the English of this page. English is not the author's native language. Be indulgent and bear with the ideas expressed. Thank you.

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